Golden Trust Training and Consultancy (GT) was established in 2007 as a regulated provider of quality assured Training and Consultancy services. GT is committed to being true to its mission, vision and associated values.

The mission is: “To develop individual and organisational capabilities by providing quality training where learners can develop competencies in their disciplines with an aim of enhancing employment prospects.

The vision is: “To be a leading training institute and consultancy that contributes locally, regionally and globally to the development of human capital.”



Professional Approach:

We have a professional approach ingrained in all that we do


Pro-actively & with sustained action, we guide the client & address his requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions:

Our solutions to individuals or corporate are comprehensive and cover multiple aspects.

Trusted Advisors:

We are known to enjoy trust of many institutions, businesses and individuals.

TRUST achieved through the PACT we have with our service recipients. A PACT, we believe in & follow with all sincerity.


Based on market needs, GT offers three types of customised and public courses/programmes. The types are:

  1. Internally Designed Short Courses (where the participants who complete the courses receive a Certificate of Attendance),
  2. Externally Accredited Programmes (where the successful participants receive certification from the accrediting body), and
  3. Internally Designed Local Achievement Programmes (which are developed by GT and where the successful participants receive BQA-endorsed certification).

Each programme or course is based on well-defined stages of development:

  • An analysis of needs. Programmes and courses are based on an analysis of the needs of clients, of the market, and industry reports identified as significant.
  • A clear indication of ILOs.
  • Design of the programme or course in terms of facilitation of learning methods and how trainees will be assessed.
  • Effective and efficient implementation of the running of the programme or course. Programmes or courses are delivered in an appropriate language (e.g. English or Arabic) according to the needs of learners.
  • Evaluation of how well the programme or course was run. Feedback from evaluation of a programme or course is considered and used as appropriate for the running of similar programmes or courses in the future.