Accreditation & Affiliations





 SQA helps people to realise their potential and to achieve their ambitions by providing a wide range of high quality, internationally recognised qualifications and associated services.

SQA work with schools, colleges, universities and training organisations to develop and deliver our qualifications and assessments. Around 15,000 teaching professionals and industry specialists support SQA operations annually, helping to ensure that SQA qualifications accurately reflect learners’ knowledge and skills and provide routes to jobs or further study.

SQA also awards a range of other qualifications, including customised awards to meet the needs of individual companies and organisations. In addition, SQA provides advice, support and services, such as expertise in assessment, that enable organisations to succeed in meeting a wide range of educational and workforce development challenges.









Edexcel is the UK’s largest qualifications provider specialising in curriculum development, quality assurance and certification of learner achievement. Ultimately, Edexcel aim is to ensure learners are engaged in a rewarding and relevant experience which will provide them with the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need for the competitive global workplace. A BTEC is a work-related qualification, exclusive to Edexcel, which is designed to provide learners with the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need in an increasingly competitive global workplace.








The Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) is the worldwide representative body for salespeople. Founded in 1911, the ISMM has been the authoritative voice of selling and the custodian of sales standards, ethics and best practice for over 100 years. The ISMM is committed to developing sales talent and is recognised as an awarding organisation by the UK Government regulatory body Ofqual, with a full range of qualifications in Sales, Marketing and Sales Management.

ISMM members are drawn from every sector of industry and commerce. From those just embarking upon a sales career through to senior and experienced sales managers and directors, they share a commitment to upholding the standards of professionalism and integrity that are all hallmarks of sales success.







The International Islamic Finance Training Center was founded pursuant to the resolution of the general Assembly of the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions CIBAFI, in order to raise the level of employees in the Islamic finance industry, standardize the training discipline and provide services for accreditation of training institutions, trainers and training materials, as well as issuing various professional certificates. CIBAFI is an international non-profit institution that constitutes the official umbrella for all Islamic financial institutions in the world.








The Chartered Quality Institute is the chartered body for quality management professionals. Established in 1919 and formerly the Institute of Quality Assurance, gained a Royal Charter in 2006 and became the CQI shortly afterwards in January 2007.

Incorporated by Royal Charter and a registered charity (no. 259678) the CQI exists to benefit the public by advancing education in, knowledge of and the practice of quality in industry, commerce, the public sector and the voluntary sectors. In short, the CQI exists to help make organisations better.








PRISM Brain Mapping is a sophisticated, online, neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance. PRISM provides three distinct profiles, or ‘maps’, of to which he or she feels it necessary to modify that behaviour on occasions to achieve key objectives, and the overall pattern of behaviour that he or she tends to use for most of the time.

In addition to the eight behaviour dimension maps, PRISM generates up to a 60-page personalised report which identifies and measures 26 key aspects of work preference. PRISM also provides an analysis of a person’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) preferences and a summary of his or her ‘big five’ personality traits, one of the most widely accepted and used models of personality.