The International Islamic Finance Training Center was founded pursuant to the resolution of the general Assembly of the General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions CIBAFI, in order to raise the level of employees in the Islamic finance industry, standardize the training discipline and provide services for accreditation of training institutions, trainers and training materials, as well as issuing various professional certificates. CIBAFI is an international non-profit institution that constitutes the official umbrella for all Islamic financial institutions in the world.



Golden Trust is an approved and exclusive training agent to deliver CIBAFI Programs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and also an approved training agent in State of Qatar and India. CIBAFI issues various professional certificates that meet the various requirements of international training standards. The Center offers one elementary certificate, that is the Certified Islamic Banker Certificate CIB and sixteen other specialized certificates.



Professional Certificates:

  • The Certified Islamic Banker
  • The Certified Islamic Specialist in Capital markets
  • The Certified Islamic Specialist in Trade Finance
  • The Certified Islamic Specialist in Takaful
  • The Certified Islamic Specialist in Accounting
  • The Certified Islamic Specialist in Governance and Compliance
  • The Certified Islamic Specialist in Risk Management



Professional Diplomas:



Professional Masters:



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