GT is strongly committed to enhancing the knowledge, skills, capabilities, creativity and independent thinking of its trainees together with an appreciation of lifelong learning. This is facilitated by GT’s trainers who adhere to integrity and quality of delivery and participation in a respectful environment that encourages free enquiry and expression. GT believes in a trainee-centred approach to learning while appreciating the role of the trainer in simplifying the learning effort of the trainee by providing guidance and appropriate explanation of concepts. The trainers and trainees play equally active roles in the learning process. The trainer’s primary role is to facilitate the learning of trainees by using various methods and strategies. It is appreciated that there are several approaches and methods for the facilitation of learning, and the trainer selects suitable methods for the programme and/or course being undertaken.

In the interests of trainee-centred learning – with a focus on trainees being active, responsible participants in their own learning – GT trainees are given the opportunity to:

  • relate ideas to previous knowledge and experience;
  • look for patterns and underlying principles;
  • check evidence and relate it to conclusions;
  • examine logic and argument deeply and critically;
  • be aware of the understanding that develops while learning;
  • become actively interested the course content.

The types of programmes and courses  GT offer are:

  1. Internally Designed Short Courses (where the participants who complete the courses receive a Certificate of Attendance),
  2. Externally Accredited Programmes (where the successful participants receive certification from the accrediting body), and
  3. Internally Designed Local Achievement Programmes (which are developed by GT and where the successful participants will receive BQA-endorsed certification).

List of Programmes & Courses:


No. Course or qualification title Qualification or course type No. of Guided learning hours
1 Certified Islamic Banker Externally Accredited 30
2 Certified Islamic Specialist in Capital Markets Externally Accredited 20
3 Certified Islamic Specialist in International Trade Finance Externally Accredited 15
4 Certified Islamic Specialist in Risk Management Externally Accredited 20
5 Certified Islamic Specialist in Shari’ah Audit Externally Accredited 15
6 Professional Diploma in Risk Management Externally Accredited 80
7 Accredited SME Consultant Externally Accredited 32
8 Executive Professional Master in Islamic Finance Externally Accredited 135
9 Professional Advance Diploma in Islamic Finance Externally Accredited 120
10 Achieving Goals through Effective Action Planning Local Attendance 8
11 Advance Supervisory Skills Local Attendance 16
12 Advanced Key Account Management Local Attendance 16
13 Advanced Maintenance Management  Local Attendance 16
14 Applying NLP in the Workplace Local Attendance 12
15 Building Relationships for Success in Sales Local Attendance 16
16 Call Center Training – Sales & Customer Service for Call Center Agents Local Attendance 25
17 Career Protocol Local Attendance 8
18 Change Management Local Attendance 15
19 Coaching and Mentoring Sales Teams to Success Local Attendance 16
20 Communicate with Emotional Intelligence Local Attendance 16
21 Corporate Entrepreneurship Local Attendance 8
22 Corporate Governance Local Attendance 12
23 Corporate Service Excellence Local Attendance 8
24 Creative Visions and How to Formulate Goals and Develop Strategic Plans

الرؤى الإبداعية وكيفية صياغة الأهداف ووضع الخطط الاستراتيجية

Local Attendance 15
25 Customer Service Excellence with Emotional Intelligence Local Attendance 18
26 Customer Service Management Local Attendance 24
27 Dealing with Different Personalities Local Attendance 12
28 Dealing with Superiors Skills مهارات التعامل مع الرؤساء Local Attendance 12
29 Diplomatic Communicator Local Attendance 12
30 Dynamic Team Building Local Attendance 8
31 Effective Business Writing Skills Local Attendance 18
32 Effective Coaching Techniques through Communication and EI Local Attendance 18
33 Effective Customer Communication Local Attendance 15
34 Effective Inventory Management Local Attendance 16
35 Effective Planning and Organizing Local Attendance 14
36 Effective Presentation Skills Local Attendance 16
37 Effective Sales Skills Local Attendance 30
38 Effective Selling Skills Local Attendance 18
39 Effective Skills for Business Communication Local Attendance 16
40 Employee Engagement Local Attendance 14
41 Excellence in Customer Service Local Attendance 12
42 Executive Leadership in Organizations and Institutions Local Attendance 15
43 Getting Things Done, Make Yourself Run Local Attendance 12
44 Greeting and meeting Affect Local Attendance 8
45 Handling Customers Complaints Local Attendance 12
46 HR Audit Local Attendance 15
47 Human Resources Administrators’ Role Local Attendance 15
48 Key Account Management Local Attendance 18
49 Key Management Skills for Supervisors & Junior Managers Local Attendance 16
50 Leadership and Management Masterclass Local Attendance 14
51 Leadership Through Communication Local Attendance 12
52 Leadership through Self Discovery Local Attendance 14
53 Lean Management Local Attendance 24
54 Management and Assessment of Corporate Performance

إدارة وتقييم الأداء المؤسسي

Local Attendance 25
55 Management of Training Local Attendance 14
56 Managing Human Resources Local Attendance 18
57 Managing Meetings Local Attendance 12
58 Managing People in a Multicultural Environment Local Attendance 24
59 Mental Toughness Local Attendance 14
60 Modern Mechanisms in Measuring Customer Satisfaction Local Attendance 12
61 Modern Secretarial Duties Local Attendance 15
62 Negotiation Skills Local Attendance 12
63 Performance Management Local Attendance 16
64 Personal Accountability Local Attendance 12
65 Strategic Planning, Organizing and Setting Goals Efficiently and Effectively

 التخطيط والتنظيم وتحديد الاهداف بكفاءة وفعالية

Local Attendance 15
66 Problem Solving & Decision Making Local Attendance 16
67 Professional Communication Local Attendance 8
68 Purchasing Management Local Attendance 18
69 Regulatory Trends to Develop Innovative Working Methods and their Applications in Accordance with the Standards of Corporate Excellence

الاتجاهات التنظيمية الابتكارية لتطوير اساليب العمل وتطبيقاتها وفق معايير التميز المؤسسي

Local Attendance 15
70 Safety in the Workplace Local Attendance 16
71 Shutdown Planning & management Local Attendance 24
72 Six Sigma Local Attendance 16
73 Strategic Marketing Local Attendance 16
74 Supervisory and Leadership Masterclass  Local Attendance 30
75 Technical Report Writing Local Attendance 16
76 The 9 How’s of Becoming Effective Supervisors Local Attendance 22
77 The Art of Cross and Up Selling Local Attendance 16
78 The Art of Dealing with Difficult People Local Attendance 12
79 The Art of Emotional Intelligence Local Attendance 8
80 Time & Stress Management Local Attendance 16
81 Total Quality Management Local Attendance 16
82 Towards Motivation for Peak Performance Local Attendance 8
83 Understanding Customer Service in the Retail Sector Local Attendance 15
84 Creativity and Innovation Local Attendance 16
85 Excellence in Customer Service (Comprehensive) Local Attendance 30
86 Corporate Governance in Entrepreneurships Local Attendance 8
87 Community engagement and sustainability Local Attendance 8
88 Leading High Performance Teams Local Attendance 16
89 Blue Ocean Strategy: Make the Competition Irrelevant Local Attendance 8
90 Retail Store Supervisory Local Attendance 24
91 Effective Warehouse Management Local Attendance 16
92 Cultural Awareness Local Attendance 8
93 Performance Coaching Skills  Local Achievement 32
94 PRISM Practitioners Certificate Externally Accredited 24
95 Becoming an Outstanding Trainer Local Achievement 32

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English Programmes


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 1e    4e    5e


 8e    10e   6e


 Arabic Programmes


 2    5    4
 1    3    12


 13    6    7
 14    15    10


 19    20    11
 16    9    



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