Golden Trust strives continuously to improve the quality of our vocational education and training to nurture the talent of our trainees to enable them to embark upon and sustain successful careers. Our team endeavours to achieve this objective through a proper blend of high conceptual and practical skills supported by excellent infrastructure, teaching methodology, research, consultancy, and commitment to the Quality Management System (QMS).

GT is implementing a comprehensive QMS made up of policies and procedures that are focused on consistently meeting stakeholders’ requirements and enhancing their satisfaction, and on meeting legislative obligations.

The policies and procedures are aligned with GT’s purpose and strategic direction. In the interests of accountability and improvement, the QMS is expressed as GT’s goals and aspirations, policies, processes, documented information and resources. GT is committed to assuring the quality standards of its training and business processes.

Within the organisation, there has been rationalisation of designations, responsibilities and accountabilities throughout the organisation. A Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee (QAIC) has significant responsibilities in relation to application, maintenance and continuing improvement of the QMS. To be an effective quality system, it is the result of facilitation and teamwork. Everyone at GT is a quality manager. Leadership for quality is not restricted to top management; rather, it is dispersed – with appropriate accountabilities and authority – throughout GT.