In line with the Bahrain Economic vision 2030, Tamkeen and Golden Trust has partnered together to create a series of training programmes that aims to address the challenges facing entrepreneurs and find ways to empower them. The programs target several areas of significance to entrepreneurs and offers dynamic techniques to develop their skills and gain an international perspective.

The Entrepreneurial Training Program aims to provide the tools needed for business planning, idea generation, strategic growth and business validation. Through instruction, guest speakers and trainings, the program serves those who are considering starting a business, owners of existing businesses struggling to get a handle on all the details, and those with successful companies that they want to grow. They will learn how to identify and appeal to customers, manage their financing and lead their organization efficiently.


Overall Program Overview

The trainings also encourages self-awareness where participants are given a chance to engage in several activities. Through those activities, participants can realize their strengths as well as their areas of development. This knowledge can further develop them into strengthen themselves in those areas or hire individuals who can fulfil the missing link.

The Entrepreneurship Training Programs is for entrepreneurs who have already identified the area of business they want to pursue, but need expert guidance to minimize risk and maximize success. This program is geared toward for-profit enterprises and entrepreneurs who want to start a new business, owners of newly established businesses, and owners of existing businesses.


Entrepreneurs selected for this highly competitive program will participate in an individual or a series of workshops and simulation trainings on creativity & innovation, business plans, sales & marketing, financing, accounting, risk management, and more. The program selects individuals who demonstrate the capacity to become entrepreneurs of new businesses, and also existing entrepreneurs less than five years old trying to expand their business. Participants are selected based on their potential to start or expand their business as a means to grow their income, increase personal wealth, reinvest in their business for growth, and create jobs within Bahrain. The workshops will be selected based on the participant’s needs and status of their current business. Special consideration for the class is given to entrepreneurs with a viable innovation and, also businesses with high growth potential might receive priority consideration.

During their involvement in the trainings, participants that are selected are encouraged to launch or grow their businesses in innovative fields, and take advantage of uncontested marketspace with minimal barriers to entry or expansion. The Program seeks to bring a more Entrepreneurial and innovation-focused approach to traditional education and professional training. The Entrepreneurship Training Program will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to identify challenges related to their day to day functions, find techniques to address these problems and see the results.


Eligibility Criteria

  • The Applicant is a Bahraini national,
  • The Applicant is 18 years of age or above,
  • Basic reading and writing skills,
  • Commercial Registration license owners\partners, aspiring entrepreneurs who want to know where to start, and seasoned entrepreneurs looking to develop their next big idea.






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